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Alyssa Finley, LPC-Associate

Life Transitions
Self Esteem and Identity Issues
Women's Issues
Relationship Issues
Trauma and PTSD

Rate: $100 Hourly

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How would you describe your approach to therapy?

I work from a relational, Psychodynamic approach, which means that you and I will explore the patterns, themes, and trends of your life. With curiosity and compassion, together we will discover how and from whom you learned to love yourself and others, and what experiences have informed your style of relating. From there, we will work together to being awareness and make room for new, more fulfilling ways of relating, and a more integrated understanding of who you are. Therapy is collaborative; together, we will hold space for the pain, questions, and power which reside in you to make way for healing.

What led you to become a counselor?

I have been drawn to the work because I believe in it, wholeheartedly. I greatly benefit from engaging in my own therapy, which I have and will continue to engage in various seasons throughout my life. I am a believer in connection, and the relationship we create in the therapeutic room is one of healing and discovery.

What trainings have you completed and how do they relate to your ideal client?

My graduate school training was heavily trauma and attachment based, equipping me fully to meet you where you are in your story and engage the difficulties, trauma, and abuse that you have experienced in your life. I believe that the patterns which took place in our childhood show up in our adult life and I am trained to help you see them clearly. I have also been trained in evidence-based practices including CBT and DBT, which provide for learning coping skills and becoming aware of the harmful patterns in our lives. I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in a community mental health setting in Seattle, WA, where I received my graduate degree. My time there fueled my desire to work with people in all walks of life, in search of naming and accepting their own stories, moving toward a more fulfilled life, and transforming their relationships to better serve themselves and their loved ones.

Is there anything else you would like your clients to know?

This work is the work of lifelong learners. I am committed to engaging my own story in my life so that I am consistently equipped to sit with you in yours in our therapeutic space. Most importantly, I believe that healing takes place within relationship. The therapist-client relationship is particular in that we are committed to allowing ourselves to be impacted by the other. Within that, I may point out patterns occurring in the room so as to bring awareness to the patterns in your life outside of it. I also come from a place of complete inclusivity, and offer a space for you to come into who you fully are with no restrictions or judgment.

Personal note - What do you love to do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy being outside with my dog, practicing yoga, running, playing guitar, and cooking for my friends and family.

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