What is Depression?

Depression can feel like a fog has rolled in over your life. You’re surrounded by this dark cloud and everyone around you continues living life as normal - while you have a hard time even getting out of bed. Depression can sweep in as an overwhelming sadness, feeling of loss and hopelessness, and an inability to live life the way you used to. You may be very familiar with symptoms of depression if you have a loved one who has experienced it, but it can also catch you by surprise. Depression can be triggered by a significant loss, trauma, or life transition.  It is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong - either in our lives or our bodies.

Symptoms may include

• Overwhelming feelings of sadness and hopelessness
• Desire to isolate and withdraw from others
• Fatigue and decreased energy
• Difficulty sleeping or excessive sleeping
• Lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities
• Difficulty concentrating
• Thoughts of suicide or self-harm

Our Approach

First of all, we acknowledge how challenging it is to seek help when you are experiencing depression and how much effort it takes for you to show up for yourself and engage in the therapeutic process. We will work to create a safe place for you to process your emotion and and we will collaborate with you to determine the root causes of your depression and help you establish healthy coping skills to manage it. We may also discuss diet, exercise, nutrition, support systems, and relationships- as we believe any of these issues could be the culprit as well.

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